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We need to confirm your identity and ensure your interactions with us are secure.

You will need to register your details below and with Freja eID – a secure electronic identity on your mobile phone that

will be required to access our website and submit/received documents.

Please follow the following steps:

1. Register you details below.

2. Download the Freja eID application on your mobile phone (iPhone and Android versions available). 

The mobile phone must be associated with the mobile phone number provided in step 1.

3. Key in your details in the Freja eID application to register – ensuring your email address is the same provided in step 1.

4. Once you are logged into Freja eID on you phone, from the dropdown menu select “Services”

5. Scroll through and select “Euronordic Investment” and click on the link.

6. The Information Memorandum in PDF format will be downloaded on your phone.

Thank you for your interest in EuroNordic.

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