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Our business strategy  

We invest in water sources and  environmental

projects  that make a difference


About EuroNordic

Euronordic is an investment company whose focus will be investing in medium to large ‘green-tech’ and waste management companies, with proven technology and long-term contracts to secure investment returns.

The Company’s business and goals are to generate superior and secure returns from investments in projects providing water supply, environmental services to the waste management, energy and maritime sectors by actively participating in its investments/projects 

Euronordic earns its returns by investing in both new and established ‘green-tech’ companies through direct investment into projects and technologies.
The investments will range from water supply, soil and water remediation, oil recovery and waste management projects. 

The world population generates unprecedented quantities of waste that is being primarily being managed through land fill or in the case of liquid waste, needlessly dumped into water-ways or the ocean.

The strategy

Today, we are fortunate to have innovative companies that have the technologies to process this waste to either create new products or convert to energy. Unfortunately, these companies are often capital-starved and require investment to release their potential and go to market

Euronordic intends to make investments in projects that utilise proven technologies that are secured by long term contracts with guaranteed revenues.
We believe such a strategy will provide superior returns whilst mitigating our investment risk.

In addition, we are allocating no less than 5% of project profits to building schools in impoverished communities to educate our children with the hope of a more sustainable future. 







Water Project

The vision of Euronordic is to a leading investor in projects and ventures that are based on global trends, whilst respecting the environment in which we live, and generating sustainable high returns.

Our recent acquisition in the north of Sweden provides the most pure natural artesian spring water available globally is a significant early step to fulfilling this vision.  This project compliments our waste to energy and remediation projects currently under way.

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MARPOL 73/78

Marpol Annex I is the first implementation made by Marpol 73/78 one of the most important international marine environmental conventions. The convention was designed to minimize pollution caused from ships and their cargoes. The objective of the convention is to preserve the marine environment through the complete elimination of pollution by oil and other harmful substances and the minimization of accidental discharge of such substances. 

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Waste to Energy

As custodians of the earth, We have to consider the impact of waste that finds its way into our waterways, seas and oceans. Managing waste is the priority However, in emerging and less developed economies where the infrastructure and government will to support recycling and waste-to-energy projects is not present, environmental catastrophes are a reality. We plans to use its funds on projects that promote the standards of waste management by investing in projects that utilize efficient technologies that provide a commercial return to the operators.

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Tank Cleaning

The traditional technologies of tank washing are based on cleaning of contaminated surfaces with steam or special washing solutions, based on emulsifiers produced by various companies. Treatment is executed both manually and in an automated mode with the usage of specialized equipment based on centrifuges, pump devices, filters, separators, heat exchangers and other standard equipment.When using manual cleaning, the equipment is placed directly on the tank deck or near and people are working inside tank.

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Investment Philosophy

There are many technologies developed that may be innovative and even superior but lack the financial backing to become commercially viable. Our team has decades of experience in studying the various technologies in addition to being on the ground where key environmental projects are up for tender or in discussion. The combination of technologies and projects is key – and having technology independence prevents bias and misdirected thinking when it comes to solutions and maximising commercial outcomes. We can be focussed on our investment objectives and strategy direction.

Our investment philosophy is to match the projects with the right technology partner and create the investment opportunity.  This provides us with influence over the project as we have the relationships across the entire value chain. For a technology owner, we provide the two critical ingredients for long term success – projects and capital.  An investor such as EuroNordic creates value that is greater than the sum of two parts.  This approach means we can demand a fair equity stake based on value creation.

The benefit being to our investors and shareholders is that we can earn superior returns based on long term contracts with government/semi-government institutions or similar. We have the in-house expertise and international network that places EuroNordic in the unique position to capitalise on such opportunities.

Green Bonds evolved as an investment option to those investors that desire an environmental outcome or benefit – a type of ethical investment. The funds generated from Green Bonds are subject to an investment mandate that is specifically targeted to environmental projects or have a positive environmental impact.  Green Bonds are also generally backed by the issuer’s balance  sheet – as is the case with the EuroNordic Bond. More information please contact us. The Bonds are registered with Euroclear Sweden

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